Positive experiences with Meteor Systems new GM26 gutter

In 2014 Meteor Systems developed a new type of gutter, suitable for all crops. This innovative gutter is a strong addition to the assortment, recognizable for its continuously developing growth to suit the needs of today’s growers.
Because this gutter has a closed box, there are several positive advantages. No direct sunlight comes into the drain water, which mean there is less growth of algae. The box gutter protects the drain water for leaves, fruits and dirt so there will be a minimum pollution in drain water channels. Next to that, it also prevents roots to grow in the drain canal. The box gutter has a unique form that ensures a very stable and strong gutter. Therefor it has a very high acceptable weight load. There is also a quick drain water discharge. Like all gutters, the new GM26 has a sustainable, food safe and double sided coating.
Grower Franky Galle is one of the first to use the new box gutter. The grower is very positive about the GM26. The gutter is very stable. Because of the boxed form I am able to keep al pollution out of my drain canals. The support and care of Meteor Systems gave me the feeling that everything was under control.