Beeren Brüder

In collaboration with the Thiedemann brothers at Beeren Brüder, Ridder Drive Systems and Van der Valk Horti Systems, Meteor Systems has recently completed a Mini-Air project that allows crops to be grown under plastic covers outdoors. Beeren Brüder is an organic nursery with generations of expertise in cultivating strawberries, raspberries and blackberries. The family business is run by Klaus and Frank Thiedemann and is located in the municipality Oesterwurth in the German district of Dithmarschen.

This is the first Mini-Air project in North Germany. What makes this project special is that this Mini-Air has an automatic ventilation system which allows the covers to be opened and closed automatically via a climate computer.

Beeren Brüder’s Klaus Thiedemann on Meteor Systems:

"Last year my brother Frank drove through the Netherlands and visited a grower who was using the Meteor Systems Mini-Air to grow blackberries. The climate in the Mini-Air was better than under conventional rain covers. We found the system so interesting that we contacted Arnold Bol, the Meteor Systems crop specialist for Germany.

“We chose the Mini-Air rain cover system for our raspberry crop because it would give us maximum control over the growing climate and temperature. The automation also makes ventilation much more efficient. We always used to ventilate our tunnels manually, and wind was a major issue. With the Mini-Air automatic ventilation system, we can control wind circulation better and minimise air movements in the tunnel.

“The Mini-Air was originally designed for strawberry production, with the plants suspended from the structure, so it has a sturdy, strong substructure. This also makes the system suitable for growing raspberries in the strong winds we get in this region.

“The Mini-Air rain cover system with automatic ventilation is ideal for producers like us who grow organically and don’t use large machines. The Mini-Air enables us to achieve better quality raspberries and higher yields. We are very happy with the product itself, the service and the lines of communication. We can definitely recommend Meteor Systems."

John Vermeiren

John Vermeiren is a successful Belgian tomato grower for many years now and works together with Meteor Systems since the 90's. Meanwhile, his company has grown to such an extent that he owns, together with his partners, several tomato greenhouses, including VW Tuinderijen 8.3 ha, Hortipower 14.5 ha, VW Maxburg 10 ha, Meerfresh 13.6 ha and another 38 ha in America.