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Quality, optimisation and efficiency are the core values we apply to our growing systems. Our growing systems are a perfect fit for the specific requirements of every modern grower and their growing conditions. We deliver tailor-made solutions and work with you to meet your needs. Therefore this information acts primarily as a guideline: we are happy to discuss any other requirements you may have.

Growing gutters

Meteor Systems' growing gutters are made of top-quality strip steel and protected by multiple layers of coating. Depending on your situation, we can roll form growing gutters on site or deliver them from our factory in individual parts. With more than 35 different types, we offer a ready-made solution for every crop.

The growing gutters form the basis for any growing system. The combination of the crop, the span and the substrate holder determine the gutter shape and width you will need. Our growing gutters allow you to recirculate the drain water, which can significantly reduce the quantity of water and fertilisers you use. Our growing gutters also contribute to better hygiene, thus minimising the spread of diseases. What's more, the air circulates more freely around the growing gutter, creating a drier climate.

Our pot rack growing system is designed for growing gerbera, but it can also be used for other crops. The pot rack system is fully galvanized and suitable for a range of pot sizes. The pot racks are manufactured in our factory to custom lengths and with a predetermined pattern of holes.


Steel growing gutters from Meteor Systems can be integrated into a growing system by placing them on suitable supports. These supports can be used to raise the height of your growing gutter. Our gutter supports are galvanised and can be installed directly on the ground or on the concrete floor in the greenhouse. These gutter supports are often used in combination with bay wide supports and pipe rail supports. Meteor Systems manufactures many different types of gutter supports. Feel free to ask us for advice on the most suitable option for your crop.

Drain trays

The drain water is collected in drain channels in the gutter and in an end drain tray at the end of the gutter. Meteor Systems has a drain tray to fit every type of gutter. These trays are attached to the gutters with a watertight seal.

Collecting drain water reduces the risk of spreading diseases. The drain water is drained off via a closed (above or below ground) central pipe. Our central and end drain trays are made of white plastic and are UV-resistant. This produces a sustainable system with an attractively clean, neat appearance.


We offer a number of options to complete your growing system and adapt it to your crop.

End caps are made of white plastic or powder-coated galvanised steel. Sharp edges at the ends of the gutter are therefore covered over, protecting users against injury and preventing crop damage. End caps provide a neat finish.

We supply suitable grow tube supports for installing a grow tube above the crop.

Irrigation brackets are mounted under the gutter and provide it with extra rigidity. They can also be used to support one or more drip hoses or a CO2 hose on the gutter.

Our plastic irrigation hooks are simple to use for suspending the drip tube from the gutter, enabling you to quickly install or remove the drip tube as required. These irrigation hooks are available for every standard drip tube.

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