Logistic greenhouse solutions

Meteor Systems is the distribution partner of Berg Hortimotive products in Canada. Two renowned horticultural companies Berg Hortimotive and Meteor Systems have joined forces to grow their businesses and offer an exceptional portfolio of internal logistic solutions and services to the Canadian horticultural sector.

Crop care

The Berg pipe rail trolleys are used in professional horticulture to perform harvesting and crop care work at height. Pipe rail trolleys are excellent to combine with the pipe rail supports of Meteor Systems.

Types of trolleys:

  • BeNomic Star 300
  • BeNomic Star PRO 350
  • BeNomic Star PRO 500
  • BeNomic Star PRO 660

Crop protection

Crop protection

Protecting your crop from pests and diseases is essential. Using high-quality spraying equipment is  important so that the crop is accurately sprayed and damage is prevented.

Types of spraying equipment

  • BeMatic Meto SWT
  • BeMatic Meto SW
  • BeMatic Meto Trans
  • BeMatic Easyspray

Harvest & Transport

Harvesting & Transport, a very important business unit and crucial within a greenhouse horticulture company! So it is important to set up this business process properly and efficiently. The faster the transport from A to B, the better this is for the quality of the product and the higher the final operating result. We have several types of machines in our BeMotion Harvest & transportation line.

Types of machines

  • BeMotion Betrac
  • BeMotion
  • BeMotion Transport Trolley