Leafy greens and herbs

In 2018 Meteor Systems introduced the Hydroponic Floating Raft. The innovative floating raft for the cultivation of leafy greens and herbs.

Hydroponic floating raft

As a grower of leafy greens or herbs, you want a clean crop. In other words, no pathogens or contamination on the rafts. Our rafts are made of HDPE plastic which is easy to clean and has a longer life span. Due to the unique shape of the planting hole, the raft is suitable for both traditional substrate plugs and substrate-free cultivation. Meteor Systems has developed a new, patented plant holder for substrate-free cultivation.


  • Easy to clean
  • Long life span
  • All plants are the same distance from the water surface
  • Plants are easier to remove from rafts due to the unique shape of the plant holes
  • Slower increase in temperature on plant side
  • Planting holes can vary in shape and size (on request)
  • Can be easily handled, both automatically and manually
  • Due to the unique shape of the planting hole, the floating rafts are suitable for cultivation with or without substrate
  • No more watering from above


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