Leafy greens and herbs

For the cultivation of leafy greens and herbs Meteor Systems has growing solutions from seed to harvest. A multi-layer germination rack for the propagation of the seed to a young plant and a Hydroponic Floating Raft for cultivation on water.

Hydroponic floating raft

The raft is specially designed to cultivate leafy greens and herbs and is made of food-safe highdensity polyethylene (HDPE). The rafts are easy to clean and have a longer lifespan than EPS. Due to the unique shape of the planting hole, the raft is suitable for both traditional substrate plugs as well as substrate-free cultivation. The rafts are suitable for low and high density crops. Please contact one of our experts for the possibilities of your type of cultivation.

Multi-layer Germination | Propagation | Growing Rack  

Meteor Systems designs and produces multilayer racks that can be placed in a greenhouse or other indoor areas. By installing the multi-layer rack near the growing system in the greenhouse, you can cultivate your plants in the same climate from seed to harvest. This makes it much easier to manage temperature, humidity, CO2, light intensity and irrigation. An added benefit is that it reduces logistics costs. All shelves on our growing racks are fitted with steel growing gutters. This ensures a high load-bearing capacity and means that fewer supports are needed.


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Download our brochure on the innovative floating raft for cultivating leafy vegetables and herbs.