Leafy greens and herbs

In 2018 Meteor Systems introduces the Hydroponic Floating Raft. The innovative floating raft for the cultivation of leafy greens and herbs.

Hydroponic floating raft

As a grower of leafy greens or herbs, you want a clean crop. So, no pathogens or contamination on the rafts. This is virtually impossible with expanded
polystyrene (EPS) rafts due to the coarse structure of the polystyrene. Meteor Systems has developed a new, patented plant holder for substrate-free cultivation. Which is made of hard highdensity polyethylene (HDPE). It’s easy to clean and has a longer lifespan. Furthermore, due to the unique shape of the planting hole, the raft is suitable for both traditional substrate plugs as well as substrate-free cultivation.


  • Easier to clean than traditional raftsLonger lifespan than EPS
  • All plants are the same distance from the water surface
  • Plants are easier to remove from rafts (due to the unique shape of the plant holes)
  • Slower increase in temperature on plant side
  • Planting holes can vary in shape and size (on request)
  • Can be easily handled, automatically and manually
  • Due to the unique shape of the planting hole, the floating rafts are suitable for cultivation with and without substrate.


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