Customers who opted for personalized solutions

We supply complete systems tailored to the needs of our customers; we make a point of involving them closely in their projects. This collaboration continues long after the project has been completed.

Clivia Management

In the spring of 2019, grower Jan van Genderen had the Mini-air built a large yield of strawberries.


Deguffroy Nursery

We recently supplied Deguffroy Nursery in Oostkamp, Belgium, with an innovative tray field for growing plants in trays. This universal mobile platform, which moves on a rail system above the plants and has a covered workspace for all crop handling, was designed to meet a specific need.

VW Maxburg

I bought my first products from Meteor back in the mid-1990s. I can still remember that Meteor Systems was one of the first companies in the world to introduce growing gutters.

More raspberries thanks to latest Mini Air development

Dutch raspberry grower Thwan van Gennip grows his raspberries in the latest Mini Air. This growing method enables him to grow more raspberries all year round.