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Regularly we keep you up to date about the latest news of Meteor Systems and the cultivation industry. 

''PIB India helps to market Dutch horticultural technology in India'' 


PIB stands for Partners for International Business and is a program through which Dutch companies realize their international ambitions in a public-private partnership. 

- NEW - MS-120 Topcoat - 

After extensive research and practical testing, Meteor Systems supplies gutters with the new MS-120 top coating as well as growing gutters with an MS-35 or MS-55 coating.

25 years Meteor Systems!

25 years ago, Chris and Jeanine Bastiaansen founded Meteor Systems in Etten-Leur? That means that this year we can celebrate an anniversary. This may not go by unnoticed. With this, we present our festive logo that will be visible in 2022.

Nominated for the KVK Innovation award!

Finalist of the KVK Innovation Award! With the sustainable innovation the Hydroponic floating raft, Meteor Systems made it to the finals. 

Cultivation + solar energie = Green Meteor

Solar energy is the future. It is vital in meeting current climate targets. However, the construction of solar parks is currently happening at the expense of food production and biodiversity because the solar panels are placed on fertile agricultural land. This leaves the land unusable, even once the panels are removed.