Taiwan Joydon

The Taiwanese Joydon project involves a semi-closed greenhouse built by Oritech Beijing, a good customer of Meteor Systems, in 2013. It has a total surface area of 7,000 m2. The main crops grown in this greenhouse are tomatoes and cucumbers, providing a daily supply of fresh vegetables for the Taiwan region.

Joydon has been in operation for eight years now and looks back to a successful launch in 2013. The company is still growing, as is demand for its vegetables. It generates maximum returns and a high turnover by constantly innovating and adapting the plant varieties to meet consumer needs. Among other things, it grows special Japanese tomato varieties with a unique flavour. These are difficult to grow and are low-yielding but highly profitable. Demand for these tomatoes is high in Taiwan, and consumers there are willing to pay more for them. To continue its healthy growth, Joydon is currently working on plans to expand the greenhouse.

Meteor Systems produced the growing system for the entire Joydon project. The design chosen in 2013 was a system with gutter type GM-07, in which the drain water is collected and recirculated. Planting can be done efficiently, and the quality of the materials ensures that the system will have a long service life. Joydon achieves high product yields by following Meteor Systems’ cleaning instructions and properly maintaining the growing gutters. The GM-07 growing system is not only popular in Taiwan: this gutter type is also used for large-scale tomato cultivation in America and Europe. The majority of these growers have been using the GM-07 growing system for at least 10 to 15 years.

First rose harvest of the Baiyi Group on Valentine's day 2021

Meteor Systems has a branch in China since 2019. Juny Xu, our local colleague, helps customers in China to develop and build their own cultivation companies. One example is the Baiyi Group. Part of their range of enterprise is managing large retail and horticultural businesses in Western China. The company was established in 1992 in Linxia and has opted for the innovative cultivation solutions from Meteor Systems.