Drip System

When growing crops, you are interested in a high yield, while saving water, fertilizer and energy. A correct drip system can enable you to achieve both. Therefore we would like to tell you more about our solutions for drip irrigation!

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Drip systems

Meteor Systems provides drip systems for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. We can help any farmer with a suitable solution for growing vegetables, soft fruit, cut flowers, medicinal cannabis, leafy greens or herbs. We ensure that the drip irrigation saves water and nutrients, by placing the water directly to the root and minimize evaporation. With our products, this can be either above the soil or buried below the surface.

The components of a drip system

A drip system consists of numerable components. The network of products for the irrigation system can include:

  • Drippers
  • Fittings
  • Tubing
  • Stakes and risers
  • Sprinklers
  • …and many more.

By offering all these products, Meteor Systems can produce irrigation systems suitable for every growing situation. Our products will make your growth a success!

Produced in our own factory

The drip systems of Meteor Systems are manufactured at our own factory in the Netherlands. We build the drip systems to size in the required diameter, length and distance between drippers. This way we can deliver a constant quality, and the drip systems as well! And when we pre-assemble the parts for you, we can ensure watertight connections and an accurate distance between drippers.

About Meteor Systems

While started as a family business, we have become the market leader in growing systems for greenhouse horticulture. We help all kinds of farmers worldwide with custom solutions to achieve optimum growth. Because at Meteor Systems, your satisfaction comes first! Our advisers and technicians ensure that you get the most out of your crop.