Drip Systems for the greenhouse horticulture

Drip hoses are important for delivering water and fertilizer to your crops. They bring the nutrients to the plants they need to live and depend on. To guarantee high yields Meteor Systems has developed several types of drip hoses that will save you both water and nutrients.

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Drip systems

Meteor Systems provides drip systems for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. We can help any farmer with a suitable solution. Our drip hoses, drippers and plant pegs are made of high quality plastics. This makes them stable, durable and Uv-resistant. They ensure a precise supply and provide all plants with the same amount of water and nutrients.

With a Meteor Systems dripper system you can be sure the water goes directly to the roots and evaporation is minimized. With our products this can be done with hoses on the ground or on the growing gutter.

Different types of drip hoses

A drip system consists of numerable components. Meteor Systems offers you inline or branched irrigation systems with associated components such as the Supertif drippers and Wingpeg planting pegs.

Meteor Systems supplies inline hoses in three varieties:

  • the Hydrogol inline tube with of round labyrinth drippers;
  • the Hydro PC inline tube with round pressure compensated drippers;
  • The Hydro PCND inline hose with round pressure compensated and self closing drippers.

In addition to the aforementioned inline systems, we have three other types of hoses:

  • PE tubes
  • Micro tubes
  • Capillary

Innovation for the best way of watering

At Meteor Systems innovation and improvement has always been our main priority. We were the first to develop an irrigation tube with a white outside and black inside to counteract the influence of sunlight. This way we can guarantee a low and constant water temperature and reduce the risk of environmental stress to plants. By focusing on these types of innovative solutions, we continue to support you in achieving the best possible growth for your crop.

Produced in our own factory

The drip systems of Meteor Systems are manufactured at our own factory in the Netherlands. Choosing Meteor Systems means:

  • Customization for maximum efficiency for the growth of your crop.
  • More than 20 years of experience.
  • Delivery of products all over the world.
  • Technical support where needed.
  • Personal contact.