PE tubes and micro tubes

Meteor began developing the Sunblock white/black tube back in 1996. After extensive practical testing in countries with high solar radiation levels, we were the first company to develop a long-lasting tube with a white exterior and a black interior.

Pe tubes (sunblock)

They are available in outside diameters ranging from 16 to 40 mm. Tubes can be supplied in rolls of any required length.


  • Sunblock PE tubes give a lower, constant water temperature by reflecting the sunlight and solar energy.
  • Less clogging due to lower accumulation of organic material.
  • Reduced risk of Pythium in the plants.
  • The fully automated production process ensures uniform quality.
  • Easy to rinse clean.

Micro tubes (sunblock)

Sunblock micro tubes take the water from the PE irrigation tube to the plant peg.


  • Ideal for E1000, Supertif, Ray Jet and Neptunus systems.
  • With one side cut at an angle, this can be mounted or pre-mounted directly into the PE tube.
  • Different lengths available.
  • The Sunblock version delivers water at a constant, lower temperature.


A capillary is based on the flow rate of the tube length, the inside diameter of the tube and the water pressure.


  • Low investment costs.
  • The flow rate can be adjusted to different growing conditions throughout the year by increasing or decreasing the water pressure.
  • Fully automated production process ensures consistent quality, flow rate and reliability
  • Available in several inside diameters, recognizable by different colours: yellow, grey, red, blue and green.