Pre-assembled drip irrigation systems

Meteor Systems drip systems are manufactured in our own factory. We build the drip systems to size in the required tube diameter, tube length and distance between drippers. Our drip systems deliver a constant quality. This makes them ideal for irrigating vegetables, fruits and flowers under cover, as well as pot plants, young trees and bench-grown plants.

Pre-assembled drip irrigation systems

Wherever possible, we use recyclable materials in our factory. Automated assembly ensures watertight connections and an accurate distance between drippers.

Our drip systems make time-consuming manual assembly of individual parts a thing of the past. Simply unpack the system in the greenhouse (or on the field), roll it out, cut it to the required bed length, insert the plant pegs, connect them to the supply line and the system is ready to go! With a drip irrigation system from Meteor Systems, every grower has their own personal professional drip irrigation system.

Capillary system

With a capillary system, the flow rate is based on the tube length, the inside diameter of the tube and the water pressure.


  • Low investment costs.
  • An ideal drip irrigation system for short and average lengths of PE tubes with a slight fall.
  • The flow rate can be adjusted to different growing conditions throughout the year by increasing or decreasing the water pressure.
  • Individual capillaries are easy to replace.
  • Fully automated production process ensures consistent quality, flow rate and reliability

E1000 system

The E1000 drip irrigation system delivers the correct flow rate based on the capacity of the labyrinth dripper and the water pressure. The dripper has a straight connection with a side connector.


  • An ideal drip irrigation system for short and average lengths of PE tubes with a slight fall.
  • Large labyrinth opening and intensive, turbulent flow ensure minimal clogging.
  • Flow rate less sensitive to pressure changes in the tube.
  • Very accurate irrigation with uniform, even flow.
  • A hand tool is provided to open the dripper. Once opened the labyrinth is easy to clean.

Supertif system

A Supertif system is a pressure-compensated, self-closing drip irrigation system. For Supertif systems with one outlet we offer a choice of a straight connection, a side outlet, a straight connection with a side connector and an on-line version. The system is also available with multiple branches. It provides the correct flow rate based on the constant capacity of the dripper, independently of the water pressure.


  • The best drip irrigation system for short, average and long PE tubes, even on sites with large height differences.
  • Better uniformity of water distribution in all substrates: minimal differences and optimal emission uniformity.
  • Suitable for short bursts of irrigation as drippers can be opened and shut at the same time.
  • Less clogging due to self-flushing mechanism.
  • Self-closing internal membrane prevents the system from running dry.
  • Drippers remain closed during flushing of the irrigation tube.
  • Drippers with side outlets can be stored for longer pre-mounted on the roll.
  • A system with multiple outlets is the best solution for high plant densities.
  • For systems with multiple branches, the flow rate is controlled via labyrinth pegs (giving a highly uniform flow rate).