Christ Monden – herbs

We really enjoyed working with Meteor including coming up with new ideas together.

Christ monden about Meteor Systems

We are growing 3.5 hectares of herbs and leafy vegetables, 5 hectares of sweet peppers and 24 hectares of field-grown herbs. I contacted Meteor to find out whether there were any floats on the market that wouldn’t get soiled and damaged so easily and that would last longer. Bas Dirven (head of R&D) came up with an idea which we started working on together, and for the past couple of years we have been developing blow moulded floats. We are also working on improving a vertical farming system. I can now raise young plants under LEDs on a small area all year round, and these plants are more vigorous and produce a lovely end product. We still have a long way to go, though, as we still have a huge amount to learn about this. We keep getting new results that are not only surprising but also allow us to constantly improve.

I really enjoy working with Meteor. We both have an equal share in the development, but we each contribute in our own specialist field. And that’s another thing I like about working with Meteor. Their roots also lie in horticulture, so the growing system is designed based on the plant’s needs. I really like the simplicity of this approach. Meteor speaks the grower’s language, and you definitely notice that in practice. I am very happy with Meteor.

Clivia Management

In the spring of 2019, grower Jan van Genderen had the Mini-air built a large yield of strawberries.