25 years Meteor Systems!

25 years ago, Chris and Jeanine Bastiaansen founded Meteor Systems in Etten-Leur? That means that this year we can celebrate an anniversary. This may not go by unnoticed. With this, we present our festive logo that will be visible in 2022.

Meteor Systems was founded in 1997 and therefore celebrates its jubilee in 2022. In 25 years, the company has grown into a worldwide manufacturer for the design and production of complete growing systems for professional horticulture.

Since founding the company, we have taken several important steps:

  • 2000 - establishment of a branch in North America
  • 2009 - acquisition of a large steel processing company
  • 2011 - acquisition of a producer of tunnel greenhouses
  • 2016 - move to larger premises in Breda
  • 2019 - opening of a branch in China

With more than 130 motivated employees and thanks to the long-lasting relationships with customers and suppliers, Meteor Systems has served the international horticultural market for the past 25 years very successfully from its headquarters in The Netherlands.

What makes Meteor Systems so unique?

With a machine park equipped with the most modern technologies, Meteor produces, as the only company worldwide, everything for the equipment of greenhouses and tunnels all under one roof. Think of 35 types of growing gutters, support and (movable) suspension systems, irrigation systems, heating products such as pipe rail supports and long beams, plastic products for growing strawberries, floats for growing on water, vertical growing racks and fruit covers. Our cultivation gutters are completed on location worldwide by mobile roll forming machines.

The production process is managed entirely in-house, which means that the lines of communication are short, and the overview is retained. A major advantage are the long and sustainable relationships with prominent raw material suppliers. Because of this privileged position, keeping steel and plastic in stock, even during corona time, is hardly a problem.

Meteor Systems' products are suitable for application in large greenhouse complexes, (semi) outdoor crops and indoor farming all over the world. The unique product range makes Meteor Systems an interesting partner for greenhouse builders, installers, turn-key suppliers and end users. From design to execution and in consultation with the customer, unique horticultural projects are executed. Meanwhile, our customer base has expanded enormously and covers all continents. Therefore, specific (climate) conditions in a certain country are always considered and products can be adjusted accordingly.

The specialists of Meteor Systems all have extensive experience in the horticultural sector and/or have grown up with it. By bundling this expertise in-house, they are close to the growers and think along with them about solutions for horticultural technical challenges. By listening carefully to the wishes of the customer, being flexible and designing custom-made systems, innovations have been developed over the years from which the international horticultural sector has gratefully benefited.

For example, our Hydroponic Floating Raft, a sophisticated float for the Deep Flow Technique (DFT), was recently launched on the market. This is a multilayer cultivation rack for vertical horticulture. We also have our special Mini-Air fruit canopy with cultivation system, to better protect outdoor crops and to avoid growing them in the open ground. A special tray system on rails has also been developed for growing strawberry plants outside, or under cultivation systems in the greenhouse and small indoor spaces.

Our products are developed with an eye to environmental friendliness and sustainability, water saving and circular economy. In cooperation with research institutes and universities, such as Wageningen University Research and HAS Den Bosch, trials are set up to test new developments that meet the current climate conditions and our requirements.

Meteor Systems does not only value innovation but also all relations, knowledge and experience we have built up through the years. We stand for quality and flexibility and know how to leave our competitors behind every time by being a leader in the market.

Meteor Systems official member of LCC

The Legal Cannabis Coalition (LCC) is a unique collaboration of Dutch companies that are active in the legal cannabis industry, a rapidly changing market in both recreational and medicinal areas. With specific skills and knowledge, LCC offers personalised advice in every phase of a project.