Nominated for the KVK Innovation award!

Finalist of the KVK Innovation Award! With the sustainable innovation the Hydroponic floating raft, Meteor Systems made it to the finals. 

The KVK Innovation Top 100 shows what we are good at in the Netherlands: innovating! Every year, entrepreneurs compete for a place in the KVK Innovation Top 100. KVK encourages companies to grow and innovate. That's why the annual Innovation Top 100 is organized and why the most innovative companies in the Netherlands are displayed in the Chamber of Commerce throughout the year.

In cooperation with Chris Monden of the Kruidenaer, Meteor Systems developed the Hydroponic floating raft. Read more about the innovation for growing leafy vegetables and herbs with the hydroponic float in the Top 100 list of the KVK innovation awards here.

A team of experts will study all innovations until February 2022, after which one winner will be chosen. We are eagerly awaiting the results!


''PIB India helps to market Dutch horticultural technology in India'' 

PIB stands for Partners for International Business and is a program through which Dutch companies realize their international ambitions in a public-private partnership.