Hydroponic floating raft

The hydroponic floats play an essential role in the growth process, they function as plant support and transport medium in and outside hydroponic ponds. There are different solutions to grow leafy greens and herbs. But as a grower, you want clean crops, a high yield and minimum of labor to reduce costs. Therefore Meteor Systems introduced the hydroponic floating raft: an innovative solution for the cultivation of crops!

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A hydroponic floating raft system

The hydroponic floating raft is our patented solution for both traditional substrate plugs and substrate-free cultivation. A floating raft has multiple advantages:

  • The plants grow significantly better, due to the light reflection of the rafts and a consistent temperature.
  • All the plants are the same distance from the water surface and there is no need for watering from above.
  • The plants are easier to remove from rafts due to the unique shape of the plant holes and reduce labor costs.
  • A clean raft helps you avoid problems associated with growing plants in soil, such as pests and lack of nutrients.


Our floating rafts

Meteor Systems aspires to introduce innovative and successful solutions for horticulture worldwide. That is why we are critical about our products and systems and always looking for improvements. We perfected our rafts to your needs:

  • They are made of a hard plastic (HDPE) and easy to clean.
  • They are available in different shapes and sizes.
  • They have a long life span.
  • The planting holes can vary in shape, size and numbers (on request).
  • They can be easily handled, both automatically and manually.

Watch our video for more information on the hydroponic floating rafts!

Selecting the right floating raft

Selecting the right raft for your crops can be a complex choice. Meteor Systems can give you a solid advise. We take the weight, footprint (volume), yield and breeding of the crop into account when we design your unique floating rafts. In this way you are certain to work with the best system for your greens and/or herbs!

Complete solutions at Meteor Systems

Meteor Systems provides custom solutions for other crops and cultivation as well. As a market leader in complete growing systems, we create and manufacture different types of products in our Dutch Factory. Unique solutions, transported to unique locations all around the world. Our advisers and technicians ensure that you get the most out of your crop!