Cultivation systems for medicinal cannabis

Do you grow medicinal cannabis or do you have plans to start growing cannabis? Then we can help you with a tailor made solution! Meteor Systems manufactures and distributes growing systems for the worldwide medicinal cannabis cultivation.

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Durable growing gutter systems

Growing gutters are the basis for growing cannabis in greenhouses or indoors. Your crop and growing method preferences determine which growing gutter system is best for you. Our growing gutters are made from high quality European steel with multiple layers of coating. We guarantee that the gutters can be used professionally for years. In addition, the drain water is collected and recirculated by our growing gutters.

Custom made

In the last 20 years Meteor Systems has developed various growing systems including 35 different growing gutter types. This gives Meteor Systems a wide range of possibilities to always find the one that fits your needs. The type of growing system in combination with a certain type of growing gutter contributes to your success for growing cannabis. We can advise you about the growing gutter systems and adapt them to your needs.


Growing gutter systems offer several advantages. The system is supported by tables or suspended from the trellis. The hanging system creates a free space under the crop, which ensures a better airflow around the crop and reduces the risk of diseases. Meteor Systems growing gutter systems separate the drain water from the plants to prevent root diseases such as fusarium and Pythium. This significantly reduces the risk of passing on any infection.

Growing gutters are adjustable in height, so the distance between the plants and the lights can be optimized. Besides, it is labor friendly and employees can work on the plants at an ideal height.

Besides growing systems, Meteor Systems produces irrigation hoses and drip systems that are attached to the growing gutters. In this way the irrigation system ensures by means of drip heads with drip compensation that the first and the last plant in a row get exactly the same amount of water.

Production and delivery of your cultivation system

Depending on your situation, we can unroll the growing gutters on location or deliver them in individual lengths from our factory. In either case, we can provide you with all the supplies you need for a complete cultivation system for cannabis and transport them worldwide. We produce all materials and systems in our own factory, ensuring you the fastest delivery and highest quality.

About Meteor Systems

Meteor Systems is a Dutch family owned company from Breda, going back generations in the Dutch greenhouse industry. With three branches, in The Netherlands, North America and China , Meteor Systems knows for more than 20 years how to successfully translate this knowledge into the latest horticultural technologies worldwide.  Since 2017 we also produce complete cultivation systems and irrigation systems for the legal cannabis sector. Our cultivation systems are applied in more and more countries for the legal cultivation of cannabis. Large cannabis companies, such as Canopy Growth Corp, Aurora Cannabis, Tilray, Cronos Group, Pure Sunfarm and Aphria Inc, are customers of Meteor Systems.