Cultivation growing systems

There are several cultivation systems for the growth of vegetables, soft fruits, cut flowers and other type of crops. At Meteor Systems we have experience in designing a cultivation system for the professional horticulturalist. As a grower in a greenhouse you are interested in high yields at minimal costs. Let us show you the possibilities that guarantee the optimal growth of your crop!  Because those who choose growth, choose Meteor Systems.

The ideal cultivation system

The ideal cultivation system has a positive effect on the yield of your crop. Installing steel gutters in a horticultural greenhouse for vegetables, soft fruits, cut flowers and/or other crops has the advantage of reusing drain water, allowing for more air circulation around the crop and saving fertilizer. Growing gutters have a perfectly flat surface and reduce the risk of diseases through better hygiene. Moreover, the cultivation systems of Meteor Systems are hanging or standing at a good working height and are therefore labour friendly.

Meteor Systems will gladly help you to make the right choice for a cultivation system to improve the yield of your crop. Do you already know what you need, but are you looking for an experienced partner to realize your project? Then we can be of service

Customer-focused solutions tailored to your crops

Meteor Systems has various possibilities for a cultivation system. Because every situation in a greenhouse is unique we design a solution that is tailored to your needs. The cultivation system is fully adapted: from length and shape of the gutter to matching wire products and/or drip hoses. This way you can be sure of a high yield. Moreover, our systems are made of high-quality materials and are therefore very durable. Choosing a custom-made cultivation system from Meteor Systems will be beneficial to you for years to come.

Production and delivery by Meteor Systems

Depending on your situation, we can supply assembled or separate parts for your cultivation systems. Either way we can provide you with all the necessities for a complete cultivation system and deliver it worldwide. We produce all our materials in-house and our technical services are limitless!