If you grow tomatoes, Meteor Systems is the right place to come.

For a number of years now, Meteor Systems has been developing innovative systems especially for use in tomato cultivation. No matter your cultivation technique, we have an appropriate solution for you. Let us know how you cultivate and what the ideal starting situation is for your company. We’re sure to find the most appropriate solution for you. Our systems enhance your company’s efficiency, quality, and crop management, and also help you to achieve the most from your crop. We are eager to look beyond the existing varieties. Thanks to this approach, we were able to produce an innovative ‘tray field’ for strawberry plant cultivation in 2015. Below you will find a sample of the most common systems within your crop. If you can’t see your ideal system or if you have other questions, then please contact us. We’d love to help you further.


Thanks to its height and unique shape, this gutter is the most robust of its kind. It can be supplied in lengths varying between 120 mm and 300 mm.

This gutter is extremely robust thanks to its 55-mm-deep draining channel. This means that it can better withstand overflows at longer bay lengths. It can be supplied in lengths varying between 120 mm and 280 mm.


This gutter is equipped with an extra large draining channel. Its closed box construction ensures that no debris falls into the gutter. The recycled water is stored in the drainage channel and drained away in darkness so as to prevent algal growth. This gutter has a large span measuring up to six metres. The mat is locked between the two raised edges of the gutter so that it remains stable. The shape of the gutter means that drainage water can be drained away completely separately. The gutter does not contain any sharp edges, so plants and fruit are protected from damage. The closed box gutter can be constructed in almost all widths and heights ranging from 120 mm to 350 mm. It is multifunctional and can be used in any crop.


The GM26 features drainage water channels which provide protection against leaves, fruits, and debris. This also prevents roots from growing in the drainage channels and limits damage to fruits. This gutter has a high permissible load and minimal deflection at spans of five metres or above. The gutter is equipped with a sustainable and ‘food safe’ double-sided coating, and ensures that drainage water only stands for a short while in the greenhouse. The GM26 is a suitable option for all crops.


This is a very compact gutter which uses extremely little material thanks to its ingenious shape. It can be used for crops on mineral wool. Thanks to the depth of the drainage channel, roots are much less likely to come into contact with the drainage water.
It can be supplied in lengths varying between 120 mm and 350 mm.


This gutter has been developed for use in pots or tubs. The wide drainage channel ensures maximum capacity for drainage water.
The width of the drainage channel and the gutter can be adjusted. It can be supplied in lengths varying between 130 mm and 320 mm.


As the drainage channels are located just underneath the contact surface, this compact gutter ensures that the drainage water has minimum exposure to the sun. It can be supplied in lengths varying between 120 mm and 340 mm


This type of gutter can be connected very easily thanks to its shape. This means that it can be supplied in lengths. We are able to ship pieces of this gutter from our Dutch production location in Etten-Leur.