Meteor Systems is an innovative company specialized in the development, production, and supply of complete moveable cultivation, irrigation, growing and fixing systems, gutters, and plastic tunnels for the International horticulture.


Growth starts with a good system

Our customized systems provide the optimal solution for every situation.

Optimal cultivation starts with systems made by Meteor Systems. For years now, Meteor Systems has developed high-quality and innovative cultivation and irrigation systems. This way Meteor Systems has an important role at the the root of each crop. We produce and supply complete gutter growing systems and irrigation systems which we design according to the specific requirements of growers around the globe. Our product portfolio also encompasses fixing systems and fruit covers. This allows us to produce and supply a comprehensive portfolio of products. Therefor we say; Choose growth, choose Meteor Systems!

However you cultivate, a customized system enhances operational efficiency.

Each grower is faced with a different starting situation - the art is in knowing how to get the most out of each one.

We would love to help you find a solution, right from the very beginning. In light of this, we always begin by sketching out the installation which is ideal for you based on specific cultivation-related requirements and other conditions. This approach means that, together, we can ensure that each square metre is used properly.
We advise and support you when looking for the right cultivation system, and produce all our products in-house. This way, we are fully in control of the quality of our products and can offer you an all-in-one solution for your organization. This is because we understand that choosing the right system will mean you can enjoy cultivating your crops in the years to come.

They are going for growth

More than 1,500 companies worldwide work with systems provided by Meteor Systems. One by one, they were won over by our expertise in greenhouse horticulture, our dedication, and our innovative solutions.

  • Genson Soft Fruit
  • Houweling Tomatoes Utah
  • Kwekerij den Berk
  • Mucci Farms
  • Purple Pride
  • RedStar Tomaten
  • Thwan van Gennip

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