Sprinklers and sets

A sprinkler is the perfect solution for irrigating a very large area. Ease of use is paramount. The sprinkler must also use the water as efficiently as possible and not waste any. Meteor Systems supplies three types of sprinklers and complete sprinkler sets for special applications, ensuring a high level of operational safety and a uniform flow rate every time.

Rondo mini

The Rondo Mini is a sprinkler for medium to large coverage (up to an area of 8x8 metres). This sprinkler is especially suitable for greenhouses, netting cages, tree nurseries, shrubs, hedges, flower beds and soils susceptible to capping. The Rondo Mini can be mounted under the supply pipe, above the supply pipe (with an adaptor) on a plastic or steel stake.


  • Different combinations of models possible.
  • Suitable for use with an anti-drip component and with anti-insect covers.
  • High uniformity, water saving and reliable.
  • Long service life thanks to the double bridge and minimal wear and tear.
  • Easy to assemble and maintain due to the bayonet fitting.
  • Interchangeable parts.
  • Limited amount of water in small droplets, preventing erosion on heavy ground.

Rose-headed irrigation sets

The rose-headed irrigation sets from Meteor Systems are suitable for the cultivation of strawberries in tunnels and greenhouses. The sets have two important functions: firstly, irrigation of the young plants at the beginning of the crop encourages rooting into the substrate. Secondly, they act as air humidifiers during warm, dry growing conditions. This creates a cooling effect which lowers the room temperature.

Supplied with Rondo mini sprayers as standard.


  • Can be used for two different functions by adjusting one steel bracket.
  • For the correct sprinkler pattern for each function, two easy-to-exchange rotors are included.
  • Choice of Sunblock PE supply tube with a diameter of 25 mm or 32 mm per gutter.
  • The sets are complete, with all parts supplied separately, for quick and easy installation at the gutter.
  • Sprayers can be spaced far apart.
  • Uniform flow rate, water saving and reliable.

Rondo XL

The Rondo XL has a slowly turning rotor with a constant speed regulator. The sprinkler is suitable for tray fields, tree nurseries, gardens, lawns, open fields and roof irrigation of greenhouses. The sprinkler can be mounted directly onto a PVC rim or with an adapter on a steel stake or an aluminium clamp.


  • Irrigation with a constant, compact and long water jet over a large area thanks to the Speed Regulation Device (SRD) built into the rotor.
  • Rotor turns slowly and silently and is low maintenance.
  • Interchangeable parts.
  • Simple to assemble and disassemble.
  • Sprayers can be spaced far apart.
  • Uniform flow rate, water saving and reliable.

Roof irrigation sets

The roof irrigation sets from Meteor Systems are designed to lower the temperature inside the greenhouse by cooling the roof. At the heart of the set is the Rondo XL sprinkler with an SRD. This ensures a constant spraying diameter of 16 metres with a continuously rotating water jet.


  • The sets are supplied complete (with parts supplied separately).
  • Choice of 12x10mm or 8x5mm diameter supply tube.
  • Quick and easy to assemble on the ridge of the greenhouse.
  • The result of many years of practical experience.
  • A constant irrigation diameter of 16 metres with a continuously rotating water jet, thanks to the SRD.
  • Water saving.

Tornado soft fruit sprinkler

The Tornado soft fruit sprinkler is designed for irrigating soft fruit grown in rows. Hanging from the supply tube, the nozzle has a 360° spray pattern with 12 small water jets. The sprinkler is also available pre-assembled.


  • Even water distribution over the ground surface.
  • Delivered pre-assembled with a hose tail on the tube, PE micro tube and sprinkler.
  • Low risk of clogging due to built-in Vortex mechanism with large throughput.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Easily weighted for a horizontal spray pattern.
  • PE micro tube available in different lengths.