Cultivation + solar energie = Green Meteor

Solar energy is the future. It is vital in meeting current climate targets. However, the construction of solar parks is currently happening at the expense of food production and biodiversity because the solar panels are placed on fertile agricultural land. This leaves the land unusable, even once the panels are removed.

Green Meteor is working on a sustainable solution, in which every single square metre is utilised to the full.

By placing solar panels above the crop, various crops can be cultivated, such as different types of berries. This allows the space to serve not only for generating solar energy, but also as agricultural land. In addition, solar panels will protect the crops from extreme weather conditions such as heavy precipitation and overly intense solar radiation.

A drainage gutter is installed on the solar panels to collect rainwater. The collected water is used for irrigation of the crops. This way, no water is lost unnecessarily.

Two companies operating around the world joined forces to make this possible. One had its origins in construction, the other in the manufacturing of growing systems. Green Meteor was the result of this initiative. The knowledge that comes together in this company means that solutions can be found for providing advice, for in-house production and for installation of the mounting structures of solar parks.


25 years Meteor Systems!

25 years ago, Chris and Jeanine Bastiaansen founded Meteor Systems in Etten-Leur? That means that this year we can celebrate an anniversary. This may not go by unnoticed. With this, we present our festive logo that will be visible in 2022.