Growing gutter system

Are you growing vegetables, fruits, flowers or another sort of crop? And are you looking for a custom solution to optimize your growth? We can help you! Meteor Systems produces and distributes custom solutions and can provide you with a unique growing gutter system.

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Sustainable growing gutter systems.

Growing gutters are the basis for any growing system. Your crop, the span and preferences determine the gutter shape and width you will need. Our gutters are made of top-quality strip steel and protected by multiple layers of coating. This way the high-quality gutters are not only sustainable for the environment, but they are also very durable. The occasional dusting of your gutters will suffice for years of usage!


Every crop is unique and so are the locations, growers and other circumstances. Therefore, we provide a wide range of options in growing gutter systems. The possibilities are endless! Meteor Systems produces over 35 different types of gutters. We can advise you on standardized systems and tailor them to your needs. In this way, you can adjust all the parts from your growing system, from length and shape to matching wires and drip systems.

Production and delivery of your gutter system

Depending on your situation, we can roll form growing gutters on site or deliver them from our factory in separate lengths. In either way we can provide you with all the supplies for a complete growing system and transport them worldwide. Weproduce all our materials and systems in-house, which guarantees you of a quick and high-quality delivery. And it allows us to say: Wherever you are, you can rely on Meteor Systems!

About Meteor Systems

Started as a family business, we have grown over the years and are now operating as an international market leader. Our collegial staff works responsible and solution oriented. And not only we can help you with custom growing gutters,but also with pre-assembled irrigation, fruit covers, pipe rail supports systems and more. Our products are used by progressive horticultural businesses worldwide. Read more about them and how they experienced working with us in our references!