Steel gutters
Watertight solutions at every level

- Over thirty-five different models and types of gutters
- Suspended, on supports or table tops
- Suitable for many different crops, substrates and substrateholders
- Wide range of options for every crop
- Polyurethane or polyester coated, single or double sided
- Roll formed on site or supplied as connectable components
- Assembly drawings supplied with every project

Drip irrigation
Fully factory assembled

- Pre-assembled drip systems
- Maximum uniformity in irrigation
- Sunblock (white/black) drip and micro tube
- Various types of drippers
- Wide choice of drip hose diameters
- Full range of watering volumes
- Roll-out instructions supplied with every project

Support systems
Reliable configurations

- Bay wide supports
- Floor plates with rounded corners
- Pipe rail supports with open or closed stands
- Unique tube clamping brackets
- Bridge and duct supports
- Single or multiple gutters per support
- Fixed or height-adjustable supports
- Standard cross brace sets
- Full range of heating accessories

Wire products
Innovative metal processing

- CNC 3D wire bending machines
- Produced from a digital design or model
- Diameters ranging from Ø 2.0 to 12.0 mm
- Produced with different types of metal wire

Plastic products
For professional horticulture

- More than 20 years’ experience in product development
- Practical, innovative products
- Designed in close collaboration with dealers and end-users
- In-house injection moulding, extruding and assembly department
- Recent developments include various substrate containers for strawberry cultivation and floating panels for the Deep Flow technique.

Fruit covers
Innovative solutions for optimising your space

- Standardised covers for soft fruit
- Variable widths and lengths
- Covers with rigid roof or rolling roof
- Covers with adjustable ventilation options
- Sturdy galvanised steel components
- Full range of options for every crop
- Assembly drawings supplied with every project