Sistemas de cultivo

Meteor Systems lleva muchos años desarrollando sistemas innovadores para una amplia gama de cultivos como hortalizas, bayas y frutos blandos, y flor cortada. En los últimos tiempos, a esta lista se han añadido las hortalizas de hoja y el cannabis. Cualquiera que sea el producto que cultive, no importa en qué sistema, tenemos la solución adecuada. A continuación encontrará los distintos productos que ofrecemos para cada categoría.

Thwan van Gennip

Thwan van Gennip is a family business based in Lierop, in the Dutch province of Noord Brabant, and supplies international customers with high-quality strawberry, asparagus, raspberry and blackberry plants.

The first rose harvest of the Baiyi Group on Valentine's day 2021

Meteor Systems has a branch in China since 2019. Juny Xu, our local colleague, helps customers in China to develop and build their own cultivation companies. One example is the Baiyi Group. Part of their range of enterprise is managing large retail and horticultural businesses in Western China. The company was established in 1992 in Linxia and has opted for the innovative cultivation solutions from Meteor Systems.

De Kruidenaer

De Kruidenaer has its headquarters in Etten-Leur, in the Dutch province of Noord Brabant, and grows several types of herbs, as well as lettuce and sweet peppers. The total surface area of its greenhouses covers about 32.5 hectares. This makes them one of the Netherlands' largest growers of leafy vegetables and herbs.