The first rose harvest of the Baiyi Group on Valentine's day 2021

Meteor Systems has a branch in China since 2019. Juny Xu, our local colleague, helps customers in China to develop and build their own cultivation companies. One example is the Baiyi Group. Part of their range of enterprise is managing large retail and horticultural businesses in Western China. The company was established in 1992 in Linxia and has opted for the innovative cultivation solutions from Meteor Systems.

Baiyi Group on Meteor Systems:

“We first came across Meteor Systems through other projects in China that were supplied with their products. The translation of Dutch horticultural knowledge into practical technology really appealed to us. We work with leading suppliers, which is why we opted for Meteor Systems’ growing system. A big advantage is that Meteor Systems has offices in China and has a Chinese team.

Meteor Systems’ technical staff produces growing gutters on location with a roll forming machine. The specialists work quickly and efficiently, so the growing system can be installed in three days. The communication went smoothly throughout the project, and despite the corona pandemic, all of the work was completed on schedule. So we would certainly recommend working with Meteor Systems.”

Baiyi Group’s rose project started in January, with not only better quality roses, but also good work opportunities for the local population in Western China. The first harvest is expected on Valentine’s Day 2021. Baiyi Group is one of the first cut roses producer in China to use horticultural technology from the Netherlands. Meteor Systems supplied the complete sustainable growing gutter system for this project. Growing gutters collect the drain water so it can be reused. This saves water and fertilisers.

Cut roses occupy the largest share of the cut-flower market in China, and due to the increase in purchasing power, the demand continues to rise. The Baiyi Group project can therefore be expanded from the current three hectares to as much as six hectares.

De Kruidenaer

De Kruidenaer has its headquarters in Etten-Leur, in the Dutch province of Noord Brabant, and grows several types of herbs, as well as lettuce and sweet peppers. The total surface area of its greenhouses covers about 32.5 hectares. This makes them one of the Netherlands' largest growers of leafy vegetables and herbs.