Deguffroy Nursery

We recently supplied Deguffroy Nursery in Oostkamp, Belgium, with an innovative tray field for growing plants in trays. This universal mobile platform, which moves on a rail system above the plants and has a covered workspace for all crop handling, was designed to meet a specific need.

Innovative tray field

This innovative tray field enables Deguffroy to grow off the ground without wasting space on walkways. Deguffroy propagates strawberry plants on approximately 1 hectare and was looking for a system that could increase the number of plants per square metre. It also makes optimum use of the available surface area and enables activities such as spraying and removing the runners to be largely automated. However, maximizing the use of space is not the only advantage this innovative system has to offer over traditional ones. Another advantage is that there is no contact between the plants via the ground cover, thus preventing the spread and transmission of diseases via the ground cover and eliminating the risk of water splash. It is also a far less labour-intensive method.


Below you’ll find some of the specifications of this project:

  • Crop type: strawberries
  • Area: 1 hectare
  • Gutter type: GM27