The world of meteor systems

We are the leading manufacturer in horticultural systems worldwide. What started as a small family business, has now grown into a comprehensive partner for the construction of complete systems.

What do we do exactly?

As a manufacturer of complete cultivation systems we produce steel gutters, dripper systems, crop supsension and support systems, wire form product, fastening materials and fruit covers. Our products are used worldwide in the horticultral industry, for example by the cultivation of vegetables, soft fruit and cut flowers.

1. custom solutions

Every crop is unique, just like every grower. Our innovative horticultural systems are therefore fully tailored to your needs, with on objective: maximum growth efficiency.

2. Production

We produce all our materials and systems in-house, resulting in perfect integration and an impeccable fit. We've been doing this for over 20 years.

3. Transport

Our products are used by progressive horticultural businesses worldwide.Wherever you are, you can rely on Meteor Systems.

4. Technical service

Our advisers and technicians ensure that you get the most out of your crop. Our technical support literally knows no bounds.

5. Final product

Our horticultural systems are user-friendly and sustainable, reduce your labour costs and minimize water, fertilizer and energy consumption.

About our facilities

Meteor Systems is based in Breda. Here you’ll find our production halls, warehouses, loading bays and offices. We manufacture complete horticultural systems here. Would you like to find out more about how we do this?

The specialists at Meteor Systems

The success of Meteor Systems is partly due to our 20-plus years of experience and our specialist staff, who can produce customized solutions that meet your needs. With a workforce of more than 100 employees, we find the right approach to new projects every day. Find out more about the members of staff you may come into contact with.