First peppers on new growing systems at Royal Peppers

In 1969 Jan van Bosch started growing tomatoes and cucumbers. In 1990 the company switched to cultivating peppers. Sons Peter and Patrick are both also passionate growers who have helped the company to get to the next step.
Last winter the greenhouse in Rilland got completely renovated for the whole 12 acres. New growing gutters, irrigation systems and fastening systems were placed. In the old situation the cultivation took place on rock wool on the ground, while in the new situation Royal Peppers choose for a hanging system. Meteor Systems delivered this hanging system which has a lot of benefits.
A GM07-150mm gutter has been successfully installed at Royal Peppers. This reversed gutter with a height of 105mm and a width of 120mm till maximum 350mm has been specially developed for the cultivation of vegetables. The drain channels with their heights of 45mm provide an optimum disposal of the water in every stage of your growth. The rock wool is placed on top of the gutter. The top of the gutter is slightly curved, this ensures the drain water to run into the so called dripping edges on the side of the gutter. This unique edge strengthens the profile of the gutter. Because the gutter is slightly curved, the drain channels are meanly situated underneath the gutter. This way the drain water is barely exposed to sunlight and leaves or small fruits are not able to get into the drain channels. This gutter is formed with a plate thickness of 0,6mm and can be used with a strain of 5 meter. Meteor Systems also took care of the irrigation systems, provided with special supertif pressure compensated self-closing drippers.
This complete systems ensures better water collection and a dryer climate. It is possible to control the growth of the crop more steady. Therefore a higher yield of better quality can be realized. The first peppers at Royal Peppers are doing great. “The gutters provide better working conditions and complete collection of the drain water. I am very happy with the stability of the system and the quality of the products. We are ready for years of cultivation to come!” says Peter van den Bosch – Royal Peppers