Growing system UltraClima Tomato greenhouse

One of the most important factors in a new build is the balance between a good growing system and a good irrigation system. To ensure maximum crop yields, the growing system must support the existing cultivation method and use the right irrigation systems and mounting and suspension systems for materials. In terms of design, the Ultra Clima greenhouse is very different from standard cultivation methods and therefore requires a custom growing system.
RedStar had had good experiences with Meteor Systems in the past, which is why they approached the company to provide them with a growing system for their greenhouse in Dinteloord. ‘The motivation behind this collaboration?’ says Cor. ‘Well, all forms of collaboration start with the people involved. It’s extremely important to feel comfortable with the person you’ll be working so closely with.’
An added benefit was the fact that both companies share similar values, with innovation being a top priority in both organizations. Staying ahead of the game is only possible by striving for continuous development and innovation. ‘This certainly applies to the growing method at RedStar, which requires an equally innovative partner. We found this partner in Meteor Systems.’
From the very start, RedStar and Meteor Systems worked together to design the greenhouse’s cultivation and irrigation systems. They started with the basics: How will it be built? What distances will we be dealing with? What cultivation method will we use? It was important to answer all these questions in order to find the right system. RedStar opted to use smaller substrate slabs, which can be added as needed and allows for continuous production. However, these slabs have a direct impact on the irrigation method and therefore required a customized system.

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