First strawberries planted in Pombal, Portugal

Last week Filipe Lopes brought in the plant material for his 1,3 acre greenhouse in Pombal. The greenhouse, that was realized earlier this year, is a fine example of young entrepreneurship in Portugal. Filipe Lopes is 28 years old and a former economics student, without any background in the horticultural sector. He has always been interested in the sector, so for him the introduction of the ProDer Programme in Portugal was the last push he needed to start his own business.
This program ensures that young entrepreneurs, even without any horticultural background, can get financial support when starting a nursery. The program is closed at this time, but it is expected that there soon will be a new programme. According to Filipe this is important; “Portugal, in my opinion, offers the ideal climate and the right conditions to be able to competitively grow soft fruit. Last week I planted San Andreas strawberries and I look forward to the time that I can go harvesting. Harvesting will show the real outcome of all our effort!”
During the development of his building plans, Filipe got in touch with Jorge Almeida, the owner of Terraguar, a local consulting company specialized in soft fruit. Jorge advised him to choose growing systems of Meteor Systems. His choice to do business with Meteor Systems is a good one to him. Good advice is very important to Filipe. “Meteor Systems ensured that my system optimally supports the growth of the plants and provides good drainage of the grow medium. From the beginning of the construction until the implementation of the project Meteor Systems provided me with valuable advice. It felt like everything was under control and I would be able to get optimum results out of the greenhouse.” Filipe Lopes ends.