About us

Worldwide leading manufacturer in horticultural systems

Thank you for your interest in Meteor Systems. We manufacture complete horticultural systems, including steel gutters, drip irrigation systems, crop suspension and support systems, wire form products, fastening materials, plastic shelters for soft fruit production and more. Our products are used worldwide in the horticultural sector to cultivate vegetables, soft fruit, cut flowers and other crops.
At Meteor Systems, we manufacture quality products that ensure minimum consumption of water, fertilisers and energy while providing optimal growth. Of course, ease of use, durability, reduced physical stress and minimised labour costs remain a high priority.
The success of Meteor Systems is due in part to over 20 years of experience with the continuous innovation of our products, which we always tailor to the needs of each grower and to specific growing conditions. The entire production chain is in-house, which results in short communication lines with our customers and systems that link up seamlessly and easily.

Meteor Systems is based in Breda. Our premises house approx. 17,000 m² of production halls, warehouses, loading bays and offices. This is where complete horticultural systems are manufactured.
Our plastics department includes PE extrusion lines, injection moulding and assembly machines and ultrasonic welding equipment. Thanks to our team of expert staff, we can deliver fully assembled drip irrigation systems to our customers.
A fully automated slitting line in our steel department cuts rolls of sheet steel into the right widths. Together with our portable roll forming gutter machines, they are then transported across the world to roll form steel gutters in every location. Our 3D wire-bending machines, press lines, roll forming lines with punch, custom moulding and rivet units produce the suspension and support systems, such as gutter suspension supports, pipe rail supports and bay wide supports.
The materials for the fruit shelters are custom made and delivered to our customers in easy to assemble systems of pipes, couplings, fixing materials and plastic film.
Last but not least, we provide comprehensive services and after-sales to back up our complete systems.

At Meteor Systems, we advise customers and design and deliver products anywhere in the world. So you have every reason to choose us!

Choose growth, choose Meteor Systems.