If you grow strawberries, Meteor Systems is the right place to come.

For a number of years now, Meteor Systems has been developing innovative systems especially for use in strawberry cultivation. No matter your cultivation technique, we have an appropriate solution for you. Let us know how you cultivate and what the ideal starting situation is for your company. We’re sure to find the most appropriate solution for you. Our systems enhance your company’s efficiency, quality, and crop management, and also help you to achieve the most from your crop. We are eager to look beyond the existing varieties. Thanks to this approach, we were able to produce an innovative ‘tray field’ for strawberry plant cultivation in 2015, as well as a new type of gutter for vegetables.

Below you will find a sample of the most common systems within your crop. If you can’t see your ideal system or if you have other questions, then please contact us. We’d love to help you further.


This type of gutter is frequently used on crops grown on racks and is suitable for use with all pots and tubs. By installing a drainage hose and a strip of anti-root cap sheet in the gutter, it can be used in loose substrates and peat bags.


This gutter growing system has a deeper drainage channel measuring 40 mm. However, the gutter itself is not very high, measuring only 65 mm. The width of the drainage channel and the other bottom surfaces can be varied, meaning it can be adjusted to the preferred cultivation technique such as in tubs, peat bags, or on mats. For the peat bags, it is possible to construct a roof in the middle bottom surface.