It’s no mystery that irrigating your crop has a significant impact on its growth. Amongst other things, plants require water and nutrients to grow. These should be provided to each plant as carefully as possible. Meteor Systems produces irrigation systems which are adapted to each cultivation condition and which use the most suitable materials. We produce Sunblock PE and microtubes. Worldwide, the rise in water temperature in entirely black-coated PE and microtubes is unmanageable due to the exposure to sunlight. However, the Sunblock tubes by Meteor Systems ensure that the majority of this thermal energy from the sun is reflected. This results in a lower and more consistent water temperature for plants during the irrigation cycle. Of course, this also reduces the growth of organic materials, which as good as eliminates the probability of blockages.
Meteor Systems supplies customized and assembled trickle irrigation systems that are produced in fully checked factory conditions. These systems include all types of tricklers, watertight trickler connections, and a pinpoint distance between the tricklers. This means that your employees no longer need to assemble anything manually on site! All you need to do is roll out the system in your greenhouse, cut it directly according to the required bed length, connect to the distribution main, and your system is ready for the first irrigation cycle.

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