Growing Systems

As every crop is different, each grower has a different understanding of what optimal cultivation means. The type of crop you are cultivating and the starting position you wish to cultivate in have a large impact on cultivation. In which environment are you cultivating crops and what are the important factors in your cultivation methods? At Meteor Systems, we develop and produce cultivation systems which cater to the specific requirements of each grower. Cultivation is at the roots of our business; our founder was himself a grower. His continual drive to improve cultivation by developing the appropriate supporting products still lies at the heart of our company’s philosophy of innovation today. You will notice this in our extensive range of growing systems for the professional production of vegetables, fruit, flowers, tree products, pot plants, and other common crops. The goal of each system is to achieve optimal return in terms of quality and quantity for each grower and their specific cultivation conditions. In addition to this, our systems also help to gain maximum output in plants and substrates.

We have a broad range of options for each crop. Most of the production of our gutters takes place on site or, if required, in our factory according to specified lengths.
Amongst others, our product portfolio includes
- Suspended gutter growing systems
- Gutter growing systems on supports
- Cultivation on racks

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