Innovative 'tray field' for strawberry cultivation at Kwekerij Deguffroy growers

Last week Meteor Systems started roll forming gutters in Oostkamp Belgium developing an innovative new tray field. Grower Deguffroy, a cultivator of strawberry plants will be using one acre of his land for propagation of strawberry plants in trays. The new tray field maintains a universal mobile platform moving at a rail system above the plants that has a covered workspace for all crop handling and helps to automate handlings, such as collecting the plants for transport and optimizing crop protection spraying, watering and covering the crop with fleeze in times of need. With this new system, Deguffroy is able to optimize the space and grow more plants per square meter. Meteor Systems is cooperating with GeGe Machinebouw for this new system.
GeGe Machinebouw developed the support system on which the gutters of Meteor Systems are built. The gutters in this case function as a support for the trays. Maximal use of square meters is not the only advantage this innovative system has. An extra advantage is getting the plants off the ground. In doing so, it is not possible to spread viruses throughout the groundcover. Due to the optimal automatic options the system will be less labour intensive. Meteor Systems is planning on having the project complete by the end of this week.