Meteor Systems, a symbol of growth

Meteor Systems is the start of an optimum growing process. Since many years they produce high quality and innovative growing and irrigation systems. This way, we are always the beginning of every growth. We produce growing gutters, movable growing systems and irrigation systems designed by specific needs of growers worldwide. Transport systems, fastening systems and even tunnel systems complete our product range. This way we are capable of designing, producing and delivering a total package.

We don’t say “Who chooses growth, chooses Meteor Systems!” without reason.

Better control of your company costs

Meteor Systems’ biggest advantage is their production. They produce everything in their own factories, which makes it possible, especially with total projects, to combine every system perfectly. It also makes it possible to listen to specific needs and produce everything tailor made. This results in a higher outcome of crop with a lower use of water, fertilizers and energy. Very important in an efficient company cost control strategy. Usability, responsibility for environment, less physical pressure and lower payroll costs are getting a high priority in developing new systems.

Your specialist for tunnelsystems

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